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Victoria Adams Phipps named Vice President of Engagements and Impact at Fourth Economy Consulting

Victoria Adams Phipps joins Fourth Economy Consulting, a national economic development strategy firm, as the Vice President of Engagements and Impact. She will lead client engagements involving equitable community development, private-public partnerships, cultural economy, and entrepreneurship.

Phipps was named the Young Economic Development Professional of the Year by the International Economic Development Council and Top 40 Under 40 in the Economic Development Industry by Jorgen Consulting and Development Counsellors International. Previously, as the Chief Strategy Officer at the New Orleans Business Alliance, Phipps led relief efforts that generated $1.5M in direct relief for New Orleanians, including gig economy workers, hospitality workers, and small businesses. Phipps led strategy and production of The Idea Village’s New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, an annual event celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and new thinking in New Orleans and the surrounding region. The event was a major contributor to New Orleans’ economic rebound post-Hurricane Katrina.

Phipps joins Fourth Economy in their tenth year as a community and economic development strategy firm with a mission to ensure that the economy serves the people. Working with communities nationwide, Fourth Economy recently released an Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan in Ramsey County, Minnesota focused on equitable development.

“The past year highlighted the importance of building sustainable, diverse, and resilient economies that are equipped to provide access and opportunity to all its participants,” said Phipps. “The time has come to begin building these economies of the future, with the insistent goals of equity, inclusion, and long-term growth.”


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