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In Conversation with Alejandra Winter-Etcheberry

Navigating the Path of Innovation: An Entrepreneur's Journey from Chile to the US

I had the pleasure of working with Alejandra Winter-Etcheberry at a pivotal time when Miami was shaping its technology and innovation sector with the launch of the Cambridge Innovation Center and South Florida's first shared wet lab facility. Alejandra's creativity, thoughtfulness, and passion for supporting immigrant entrepreneurs is truly inspiring.

It's my delight to share this conversation with Alejandra, where she reflects on the economic impact immigrant entrepreneurs have on our communities and offers insights that resonate with anyone interested in building a more inclusive and thriving future.


Sally: Alejandra, you've had quite a journey from Chile to Miami, expanding your knowledge and insights into diverse cultures. How has this global perspective shaped your conviction about the role of immigrants in innovation?

My innovation journey began in Chile and expanded through Italy and Berlin. This global perspective affirmed my belief that immigrants are vital in spurring creativity and broadening entrepreneurial possibilities. Despite challenges, their resilience makes a strong case for fostering multicultural collaboration, tapping into the vast potential they bring to innovation and economic development.

Sally: GenoSUR's success story is truly remarkable. Can you share some insights about how they grew so rapidly and the role of the Soft Landing Program in their growth?

GenoSUR's triumph, indeed, stands out. They rapidly secured a $10 million contract through the Soft Landing Program and built a $50 million company. Their success exemplifies the economic dynamism immigrant founders can inject into their new communities. It's about more than creating jobs; they bring fresh perspectives, resilience, and innovative thinking that lead to breakthroughs.

Sally: Your work emphasizes the importance of fostering multicultural cities for innovation. How do you see communities embracing and integrating immigrants into the innovation landscape?

Embracing immigrants is vital for enhanced creativity, attracting global talent, expanding markets, fostering resilience, and cultivating social cohesion. Initiatives like the Cambridge Innovation Center's International Soft Landing Program aren't merely assisting entrepreneurs but strategically aligning social development with economic growth. This broader vision recognizes the interconnected nature of our global society, leveraging diversity for sustainable innovation.

Sally: If you could give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or communities, what would that be?

Embrace and support immigrant entrepreneurs. Their success stories illuminate the path for others. By welcoming diverse talent and fostering an environment where different perspectives thrive, communities set the stage for a more innovative, resilient, and empathetic future. Latin American entrepreneurs thriving in the US is a testament to the potential waiting to be unlocked through inclusion and collaboration.

Alejandra's reflections challenge us to see the immense value and potential immigrant entrepreneurs offer. They don't just add numbers; they bring vibrancy, creativity, and growth that benefit everyone.

Interested in learning more about the Soft Landing Program and how to support immigrant business owners? Reach out to Alejandra at [email protected] to explore how this initiative fosters inclusion and economic growth.


If you want to understand how changing populations are developing welcoming and programmatic resources and initiatives, contact Sally J. Guzik at Fourth Economy. Contact her at [email protected] and take the next step in building more inclusive and thriving communities.


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