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Energy Funding Finder to Reduce Pollution, Lower Bills, and Encourage Adoption of Clean, Efficient Technologies

Pennsylvanians who live in Environmental Justice areas are disproportionately exposed to climate hazards and, at the same time, have limited access to tools to adapt to climate change impacts and transition to cleaner energy.

As part of an effort to implement equitable climate action strategy, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) partnered with Fourth Economy to develop the Energy Funding and Assistance Finder to help communities and organizations identify resources for energy projects.

This innovative tool aims to reduce pollution, lower bills, and encourage the adoption of new, clean, and efficient technologies.

Additional outputs of the project include a Program Development Toolkit that allows DEP to readily create guidance for those who are developing programs for eligible EJ communities and a Resource Identification and Development Report that summarizes opportunities for DEP to partner with nonprofit organizations to support proposal development for greater equitable access to IIJA and IRA funding.

The project underscored the need to remove barriers for organizations and communities to pursue federal funds which could benefit environmental justice areas. The resulting summary information and resources bridge the gap to make clear which programs to investigate.

The Energy Funding and Assistance Finder will be updated on a rolling basis. Check back regularly to stay updated on available energy funding and assistance opportunities across Pennsylvania!


Interested in learning how this work can be replicated in your community? Or maybe you have questions about how to take next steps in getting your project off the ground? Reach out! We'd love to hear from you.


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