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Community Builders: Roadmap to Recovery

As the COVID-19 crisis started advancing the inevitable economic impacts, our friends from Community Builders reached out to collaborate on creating strategies for community economic recovery. Their passion and commitment to helping communities has led to the development of the Roadmap to Recovery toolkit that was launched as an open access community resource.

The Roadmap walks change makers through creating the partnerships, building leadership capacity, and designing strategies needed to not only recover, but build an economy that’s stronger, more diverse, and resilient than before.

Our focus at Fourth Economy is centered on creating an economy that works for people. The disastrous economic impacts that we are seeing in communities throughout the country, especially minority communities, must be met with a new way of thinking and doing. For the past few years we have been piloting new strategies to build inclusive and resilient communities and are committed to centering our work in communities and the economic development sector at large on resilience and equity. Our partnership with Community Builders is one aspect of that commitment and we are excited to build the Roadmap to Recovery alongside them.

Do you have thoughts on how we can collaborate to ensure an inclusive, equitable recovery? Connect with us.


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