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Does your organization have a clear strategic direction?

According to intelligence services company IntelliBridge, only 10 percent of organizations successfully implement and execute strategic planning, and 50 percent of leadership teams dedicate little to no time to it.

After the past few years it is a critical time to take a pause and think - is my organization still serving the mission we set out on? Is our strategic plan still the guiding force for our organizational impact and resilience? 

Fourth Economy helps organizations that are asking themselves these critical questions. Our strategic planning process includes broad inclusive engagement, a data-driven understanding of community needs, and clear definition of actionable strategies. 
Fourth Economy helps organizations create actionable, impactful, and measurable strategic plans.
Writing a Sticky Note

Four questions to consider

Why does the organization exist

What are your strategic areas of focus

Are you aligned with your community's needs

How do you achieve and monitor the impact

Our Strategic Planning process considers four areas that, when optimized, allow organizations to have a greater impact and become more resilient. 

Asking the 'Why'

Shifting the focus from 'what we do' to 'why we do'

Is your vision and mission clear? Is it still the guiding force?

Does your mission resonate with the community, board of directors, and staff?

Evaluating Focus

Who does your organization serve? This is an external and internal discussion.

Are the programs and services you offer focused on the right need?

Has mission creep eroded some of your overall impact?

Understanding Alignment


Are you hearing from your constituents?

How are you engaging partners and resources to maximize impact?

Is there an opportunity to create stronger alignment?



How are you going to achieve the desired impact?

Are you clear on the resources (human and financial capital) needed to effectively move forward?

How will you measure and report on the impact in your community?

Purple Podiums

Project Examples

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