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Housing Study - Needs and Conditions Assessment

York County Economic Alliance
Economic Strategy

We have partnered with YCEA on numerous efforts since 2019, first of which was a countywide Economic Action Plan (EAP). This Housing Study was born in part from the EAP’s Infrastructure and Built Environment strategy, which envisions countywide coordination to ensure access to high-quality housing across the market.

In 2023, the York County Economic Alliance (YCEA) initiated a countywide housing study to assess the current housing conditions and needs throughout York County, as well as better understand supply, current, and future demand across the spectrum of housing within the county.

Our Approach

YCEA partnered with Fourth Economy Consulting on this study and together we convened a diverse steering committee of housing stakeholders to help us identify challenges and opportunities and guide the development of the housing study. To discern the region’s current understanding of housing issues and opportunities, the study began with a document review of housing and related reports published in recent years. Focus groups were held in person with local real estate and residential rental property owners; local and county government entities; and stable-housing advocates. These conversations helped to give an on-the-ground perspective of some of the housing opportunities and challenges experienced by those working in the housing field in York County.

In terms of the conditions and needs assessment, Fourth Economy undertook an analysis of the county’s existing housing stock, including condition, age, type of dwelling, unit size, and ownership to better understand current supply across the spectrum of housing within the county..In order to highlight existing demographic and economic factors that are influencing demand for housing, analysis centered around data including historic population growth and migration; employer concentration and job growth; household data; ownership and rental rates; and income, poverty, and employment data. To document residential real estate trends that reflect both housing supply and demand in the county, an analysis of past residential sales prices, length of time on the market, building permits issued, and future population projection forecasts was undertaken. Finally, to estimate the demand for affordable, workforce, and market-rate housing based on median home price and median income levels in the county, Fourth Economy used a proprietary housing model to calculate demand and gaps in supply.

The Results

The study was published in July 2023, following a live webinar during which YCEA, its partners, and Fourth Economy communicated the results to the general public. The study outlines several housing considerations based on observations of gaps, stressors, and community desires for housing in the county. The intention is that the analysis provided by the study will provide county stakeholders with the basis to begin developing solutions and an action plan as part of a future planning effort.


York County, PA

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Housing Assessment

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