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Allegheny Commons Master Action Plan

Pittsburgh Parks Conservatory

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization committed to restoring regional, community, and neighborhood parks throughout Pittsburgh. This organization works closely with local government and community members to provide this restoration.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy was updating the Master Action Plan for Allegheny Commons, Pittsburgh’s oldest park. The intent of the Master Action Plan was to preserve and restore Allegheny Commons. Fourth Economy Consulting’s work focused on analyzing the economic impact of park enhancements, proposing potential revenue generating activities, and providing information to help the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy engage donors.

Our Approach

Our team analyzed existing conditions around Allegheny Commons, including the number of jobs and people living in the area, and developed an economic impact analysis that highlighted the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of site preparation, construction, and installation of proposed enhancements. We also analyzed the impact of secondary factors--including population and talent retention, jobs, land use, property values, health, tourism, and stormwater management--and developed a case statement for funding with information on donors and other funding streams, as well as the likelihood of the Conservancy receiving support from each.

The Results

Our work resulted in an updated Master Action Plan for Allegheny Commons that included an economic impact analysis for proposed enhancements. Additionally, we created a case statement for fundraising that can be used by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to generate financial support for the enhancements proposed in the plan. The Conservancy has been successful in raising fundraising and has successfully implemented the first major enhancement, restoring the historic Northeast Fountain.


Pittsburgh, PA

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Impact Analysis

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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