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Capital Project Financing Plan

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
Economic Strategy

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership is a 501c3 operating as the business improvement district for Pittsburgh, PA, working to promote, preserve, and extend downtown Pittsburgh's safety, image, and economic development. Like many BIDs, the organization competes for public and private resources. The organization needs a clear strategy on the available resources and how to access and utilize them. Working with the PDP opens the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of organizations working to improve neighborhoods, downtowns, and commercial corridors and to promote economic development across many geographies.

Fourth Economy identified potential funding opportunities for capital projects on behalf of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP). These funding sources encompass federal, state, county, and local resources. Additionally, the team explored private funding avenues, including philanthropic sources and land value capture mechanisms. The comprehensive process involved conducting desktop research and interviews with various business improvement districts and public authorities. In addition, the Fourth Economy team examined pertinent laws, codes, regulations, and the PDP bylaws. This diligence culminated in developing a clear roadmap outlining strategies to access and effectively manage the resources dedicated to capital projects.


Pittsburgh, PA

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Initiative & Investment Plan

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