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OneMacon! Community and Economic Development Plan

Community Foundation of Central Georgia
Economic Strategy

OneMacon! is a collaborative of engaged and diverse public and private stakeholders and organizations created to guide the development of a community and economic vision for Macon-Bibb County. Fourth Economy Consulting was engaged by the Community Foundation of Central Georgia to provide an update to its inaugural strategic plan, launched in 2014, and advise on a five-year vision guiding the direction of Macon-Bibb County’s economy.

Through effective strategic plan implementation and collaborative leadership, Macon-Bibb’s economy has seen significant economic success and growth. Efforts and investment across the County have attracted new visitors, reversed a decline in the tax base and strengthened the quality of life for residents and visitors. Yet, despite growth, challenges around neighborhood housing and blight, racial and economic inequality, and talent readiness still remained and threatened Macon-Bibb’s prosperity.

Our Approach

Our team established a steering committee of dynamic leaders and facilitated the development of an update to the County’s strategic plan. We conducted an initial comprehensive economic and workforce analysis to identify key opportunities and challenges. The analysis informed an engagement process that entailed interviews and meetings with leaders and stakeholders to explore the community’s response to these challenges; build sessions to begin drafting solutions; and mapping existing assets, resources and initiatives. As a result, top economic priorities emerged including neighborhood housing, economic vitality, talent attraction, workforce development, and quality of life. Our team worked alongside various concurrent planning processes to build recommendations related to these areas and a framework to prioritize investments in specific neighborhoods of opportunity over the next five years.

The Results

OneMacon! 2.0, the community’s second comprehensive community and economic development plan, launched in January 2020. The plan includes a robust and innovative grassroots implementation model that supports a call to action toward greater collaboration and inclusion and ensures equitable growth and competitiveness.


Macon, GA

Project Type

Economic Development Strategy

Client Type

Community Foundation



Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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