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Inclusive Recovery Network

New Growth Innovation Network (NGIN)
Economic Strategy

The New Growth Innovation Network unites economic development leaders committed to building a new field of quality economic growth practice.

NGIN provides disciplined practice and product innovation as well as expertise and resources to practitioners and communities. It also serves as a thought center to help leadership implement this new approach to driving economic growth.

Our Approach

As part of New Growth Innovation Network’s recovery support and technical assistance support for nationwide communities, Fourth Economy supported NGIN with extensive research and support, providing benchmarking data and analyzing COVID-19 pandemic effects on regional economies. Fourth Economy created six baseline analytical reports for each Economic Development Administration region as well as conducted an analysis of the pandemic impacts for small business impacts in four of the regions, and agricultural and manufacturing workforce for one region. These reports supported regional efforts to increase funding in priority economic development focus areas, address and prioritize where the most urgent need for Rescue Plan funding could be applied, and build strategic plans for development goals and the region’s ability to measure impact.

The Results

Our engagement with NGIN throughout all Economic Development Administration regions provided regions with crucial data to inform their comprehensive economic development strategy planning, insights for programmatic areas of focus and need for philanthropic and foundation support, and provided an initial baseline analysis into COVID-19 recovery efforts.



Project Type

Economic Development Strategy

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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