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Business Plan and Real-Estate Analysis

Neighborhood Allies
Economic Strategy

Neighborhood Allies is a Pittsburgh community development partner providing funding, lending, connection, and consulting services on a neighborhood basis.

Given significant changes in Pittsburgh’s community development ecosystem, the city’s primary community development intermediary decided to undergo a complete reinvention to better serve residents and community organizations. The board (comprised primarily of funders and foundation representatives) was looking to better understand how it could serve the needs of community development stakeholders, and develop a business plan for a re-created organization around those needs.

Our Approach

Fourth Economy Consulting, in partnership with Jackson Clark Partners, used national best practice research, extensive engagement with local stakeholders, analysis and mapping of local demographic data, and our understanding of local, state, and national funding opportunities to create a comprehensive business plan and financial model to re-launch the organization.

The Results

As a result of the business plan, the board hired a new Executive Director, re-established their relationship with regional and national lenders, and launched nearly all of the programs and services recommended in the plan.

Neighborhood Allies reengaged our team in early 2019 to assess the community-based real estate development ecosystem and recommend changes to support greater development of community based real estate projects and capital absorption in communities in need of investment.


Pittsburgh, PA

Project Type

Strategic/Business Plan

Client Type

Economic Development Organization



Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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