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Downtown Opportunity Analysis & Revitalization

Region 2 Planning and Development Council
Economic Strategy

The Region II Planning and Development Council served as the lead client for a collaborative local team. The R2PDC is a council of governments in southwestern West Virginia. Collaborating with shared resources, their goal is to achieve optimal administration of planning and development functions.

Like many downtowns, the downtown area of Huntington WV has been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the ongoing transformation of retail activity. Huntington also faces some demographic challenges, but as the home of Marshall University, it also has advantages that other small cities do not.

Our Approach

Fourth Economy conducted a market analysis of the downtown area and local markets. Fourth Economy examined both commercial and housing development potential in the downtown area, and considers the existing and potential development incentives for the area. We worked with a steering committee of local and regional development groups, businesses, and Marshall University to conduct this analysis.

The Results

In addition to a narrative market opportunity report, Fourth Economy developed profiles for several key development sites that were produced in designed brochures and an interactive ESRI Story Map. The partners have begun to market the sites and are using the materials to generate interest.


Huntington, WV

Project Type

Market Analysis

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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