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Unified Plan

Gwinnett County, Georgia
Economic Strategy

The Gwinnett County government hired Fourth Economy and its collaborators to bring a fresh perspective to the county’s comprehensive planning processes. Having worked adjacent to the Gwinnett County government in prior work with Artworks Gwinnett, Fourth Economy was excited to have the opportunity to work again in this unique place. The Gwinnett County government is a group of highly capable individuals across departments at various stages of growth; for example, while the Economic Development Department has been around for many years, the Housing department is new and looking to evolve and expand. This Unified Plan will help the County government continue to grow to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Gwinnett County was seeking to update its unified plan to account for the transformation it has experienced in recent years — unprecedented population growth, rapid diversification, a burgeoning arts and culture scene, and overall becoming a place that provides a high quality of life to those who live and work there. Fourth Economy and our collaborators were tasked with creating a holistic plan that will set the stage for the county’s continued successes and pave the way for innovation and equity, serving as a guiding plan over the next 20 years.

Our Approach

While the project team examined everything from land use to transportation to water infrastructure and beyond, Fourth Economy’s role was concentrated in Housing and Economic Development, respectively. Although interdisciplinary in nature, understanding existing conditions and future opportunities for these two core elements has been critical to formulating a unified plan that works for the county as a whole and for the distinct neighborhoods and corridors within the community. Through robust data analysis, engagement with decision makers and community members, and synthesis of what is working well in Gwinnett currently, Fourth Economy created a plan to harness the strengths of Gwinnett County to allow for equitable and sustainable economic development in growth sectors that provide good jobs for residents, provide pathways to those good jobs, ensure that there are sufficient housing choices and availabilities to meet growing community need through balanced investment in higher density development,, and overall continue to enhance the quality of life in Daily Communities (a concept similar to the 15 Minute City) for current and future Gwinnett residents and businesses.


The final deliverable, the 2045 Unified Plan, was approved by Gwinnett County and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs in February of 2024. The plan was received with acclaim from public officials in the general public. The public comment period and review from public officials yielded no legitimate backlash to the plan and its recommendations. Gwinnett’s Planning and Development staff will now use the plan for the coming 20 years to dictate decision making both throughout the county and in key small areas. The plan will be updated in 5 years. In early 2024, Gwinnett County passed an $18m Affordable Housing Development Fund – a byproduct of the Unified Plan and its recommendations.


Gwinnett County, GA

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Comprehensive Plan

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