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Electric Mobility for All in the Pittsburgh Region

Duquesne Light
Economic Equity

Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is the electric utility provider for most of Allegheny and Beaver Counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. DLC envisions a larger-than-light, clean energy future for all and is working to empower all its customers to experience the benefits of electric mobility through awareness, education, and engagement efforts and infrastructure deployment programs. DLC is engaging Fourth Economy to help inform, guide, and evaluate its approach to administering its electric mobility efforts equitably, especially as it relates to customers located in disadvantaged and Beaver County communities. In close collaboration with DLC, we are researching local disadvantaged and Beaver County communities, developing a community engagement strategy, and creating an evaluation framework to measure success.


Pittsburgh Region

Project Type

Economic Strategy

Client Type

Utility Company



Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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