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Potential Impacts of a Proposed Gambling Casino and Entertainment Complex

Danville Regional Foundation
Economic Strategy

The Danville Regional Foundation wanted to know more about what a casino and entertainment complex could mean for Danville, VA. They wanted to examine a range of impacts, both economic and social, and, perhaps most importantly, to learn how to ask better questions on this subject. They were curious and very data-driven.

The VA legislature proposed a referendum for local host communities to decide if they wanted a casino. Most of the media and information coming out about the casino focused only on positive impacts and the DRF did not believe that this presented a balanced view. They engaged us to provide a more balanced perspective on the range of potential impacts.

Our Approach

Our approach aimed to inform the public discussion in an unbiased fashion in order to support an eventual public referendum. We identified positive and negative impacts that have been documented in research conducted by others, as well as original research in a group of benchmark communities. We further identified approaches and strategies that other communities have used that may provide useful guidance for Danville to maximize the positive benefits or mitigate the negative impacts

The Results

Fourth Economy provided an objective, neutral, fact-based report that the DRF has distributed to the community and has posted on their website. Fourth Economy also made in-person presentations to the media, as well as a televised public event with more than 140 attendees. Fourth Economy developed an infographic for publication in the news that summarized our findings for easy public distribution


Danville, VA

Project Type

Impact Analysis

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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