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Comprehensive Plan 10-Year Update

City of Brookhaven
Economic Strategy

The City of Brookhaven, in western, DeKalb County, Georgia, is a suburb of Atlanta that was incorporated in December of 2012. The City’s current Comprehensive Plan was originally adopted in 2014 as part of the newly incorporated City of Brookhaven. The 2034 Comprehensive Plan 5-year update was adopted in 2019. Since that time, the City has completed several annexations, has adopted new Character Areas, and completed multiple studies throughout the City.

With that in mind, the City desires to continue building on the existing comprehensive plan and start envisioning the next 10-years. This includes providing a description, vision and mission statement, work program and general implementation strategies. Fourth Economy will support the prime consultant, Blue Cypress, in preparing an economic and housing analysis for the City of Brookhaven’s Comprehensive Plan 10-Year Update.


Brookhaven, GA

Project Type

Comprehensive Plan

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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