• Mickey McGlasson

Top 10 Small Counties in 2020

The 2020 list of top counties in the US is here! Learn more about what the Community Index is and what the 2020 list is all about here. Below is our list of the top 10 small counties (population up to 100k) across the US, that we ranked using indicator data to measure community vibrancy and economic success.

1. Kauai County, HI

Located in a beautiful island setting, Kauai County, Hawaii, ranks in the top 10 percent in diversity and sustainability. The mission of the county’s office of economic development is, in partnership with the community, to create economic opportunities towards the development of a healthy, stable and balanced economy for the residents. Above average scores in talent and investment round out Kauai County’s overall success in the Index model.

2. Gunnison County, CO (Gunnison)

Gunnison ranks second on our list of top ten small counties, landing in the top ten percent on place and sustainability. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty on every side, Gunnison is home to national wilderness areas, scenic byways, historic trails, and a state park. On top of the quality of life afforded by the natural environment, Gunnison also scores above average in the investment and talent categories.

3. Dallas County, IA

Outside of Des Moines, Iowa, Dallas County makes a top small-sized spot for its excellent scores in place, investment, and sustainability. The county is the fastest growing in Iowa. The Greater Dallas County Development Alliance is a strong organization that advances the positive impact on economic, social, and environmental aspects of the region. Finance, education, sustainability, membership, and marketing committees take a holistic approach to protecting and enhancing economic, social, and environmental resources.