• Rich Overmoyer

Top 10 Large Counties in 2020

The 2020 list of top counties in the US is here! Learn more about what the Community Index is and what the 2020 list is all about here. Below is our list of the top 10 large counties (population 500k+) across the US, ranked using indicator data to measure community vibrancy and economic success.

1. Seattle, WA (King County)

Seattle, Washington (King County) is in the top spot for large regions. King County performs in the top ten percent in investment, sustainability, and talent and above average in diversity and place. A density of high-tech industries, a variety of cultural assets, access to green space, and strong public transportation all make Seattle an attractive place to call home.

2. Portland, OR (Multnomah County)

Coming in second for large-sized regions is Portland, Oregon, a region scoring in the top ten percent in investment, sustainability, and talent. With a robust start-up and entrepreneurial culture, the county of Multnomah has become an economic powerhouse in the state. Along with economic strength, Portland boasts above-average scores in diversity and place. The legacy of sports culture and business as well as a lively arts scene continues to draw residents to Portland.

3. Minneapolis, MN (Hennepin County)

Number three on our large-sized list is Minneapolis, Minnesota, which scores in the top ten percent in four out of our five indicators - investment, place, sustainability, and talent. A diverse combination of businesses attract a wide range of talent, with one in five Minnesotans calling Hennepin County home. And in a state known for its many lakes, residents of the Twin Cities region are also swimming in a thriving arts and culture scene.