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Re-asserting our Values

The Fourth Economy team has consistently stated our company values, our core operating values that guide our internal actions and signal to our clients what they should expect of us. With the addition of several new team members over the past year, we took time during our recent company retreat to take a moment to reflect, refresh, and connect to our company values. We enlisted Blake Stanfill's and Jacqueline Cooke's support from Trepwise to guide us through the process.

The opportunity to hear from each team member as they shared their thoughts and deliberated what the words that were advancing meant - was inspiring, and much needed after the last few years. What emerged was an updated VISION statement and set of core VALUES that we are proud to share with our community and future contacts.

Our VISION is a world where people are empowered to be co-creators of a sustainable economy that works for everyone.

Our VALUES include:


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