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Giving Tuesday 2022

In honor of Giving Tuesday, Fourth Economy has made a donation to Interise, a Boston, Massachusetts-based non-profit whose mission is to create an inclusive economy by supporting small businesses that are minority owned or located in low-income communities. Interise is exactly the kind of community-minded organization that Fourth Economy recognizes given its alignment with our work to create great communities, impactful organizations, and strong economies.

We’d also like to elevate organizations Fourth Economy has donated to on behalf of our team members throughout 2022. These nonprofits and foundations reflect charities important to our staff and range in cause from the environment, housing, hunger, healthcare, and the arts.

Check out the list below to get inspiration for your 2022 Giving Tuesday donation!

  1. CarbonPlan improves the transparency and scientific integrity of climate solutions by building open tools and resources for program deployment and climate journalism.

  2. The Rockfish Valley Foundation preserves the natural, historical, ecological, and agricultural resources of the Rockfish Valley for community benefit and rural tourism. The foundation achieves this by supporting the Rockfish Valley Loop Trail system, Spruce Creek Park, and the lands associated with them. The mission bolsters conservation, recreation, preservation, and environmental education, and promotes the outdoor experience of Nelson County, Virginia.

  3. The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) conserves and enhances the lands and waters of North Central Pennsylvania to support the environment and recreational needs of those who call this area home.

  4. The National Park Foundation is the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service. They generate private support and build strategic partnerships to protect and enhance America’s national parks for present and future generations.

  5. Communitopia provides solution-based climate change education that develops climate leaders and advances equitable solutions, resulting in empowered and healthy communities.

  6. The Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka aims to conserve and protect the nationally recognized Maxo Vanka murals within St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for permanent public exhibition. Vanka’s art is a “gift to America” that serves as a lasting catalyst for community engagement and education, inspires social and cultural conversations, celebrates diversity, and forges connections through reflections on the American experience.

  7. The National Network of Abortion Funds removes financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice. They envision a world where: every reproductive decision, including abortion, takes place in a safe, peaceful, and affordable manner; and all people have the power and resources to care for their health.

  8. The Homeless Children’s Education Fund supports the educational needs of children experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

  9. Just Harvest addresses hunger in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania at its root causes – systemic poverty and inequity. They also tackle economic injustice, focusing on public policy, food access, and community power. The organization envisions Allegheny County and beyond as a place where everyone has access to healthy food and has the resources they need to thrive, regardless of their background or identity.

  10. Tenants to Homeowners is a local Lawrence, Kansas, nonprofit that has helped more than 350 families become homeowners since 1992. The organization provides 70 affordable rentals and reaches more than 300 people annually through homebuyer education workshops and presentations to equip families to be successful homeowners.

  11. Established in 1975, St. Paul’s Community Center provides food, shelter, support services, and job and housing referrals to the homeless, indigent, and mentally ill in Toledo, Ohio. Their goal is to provide a period of stabilization to the most under-served members of the community and help them obtain the assistance they need to live self-sufficient, satisfying, and productive lives.

  12. Lotus House Women and Children’s Shelter is a non-denominational, non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the lives of women, youth, and children experiencing homelessness by ensuring they have the sanctuary, support, education, and resources needed to heal, grow, and blossom into their full potential. The Lotus House Women’s Shelter opened its doors in 2006 in Overtown, Miami. As the largest shelter for women in the nation, they house over 500 women and children everyday and 1,550 annually, giving families the time and tools they need to heal, improve the quality of their lives, achieve greater self sufficiency, and assist them in transition to new homes.

  13. Hello Neighbor is a Pittsburgh, PA based nonprofit that works to improve the lives of recently resettled refugee and immigrant families by matching them with dedicated neighbors to guide and support them in their new lives. Founded in 2017, the organization has prioritized a refugee-first mindset, cross-cultural sensitivity, dignified storytelling, cultivating community, and inclusive support.

At Fourth Economy, our mission is to help communities and organizations create strategic, equitable, and resilient economies. To ensure these planning efforts lead to meaningful change, the process requires broad community participation, collaboration, and support. We recognize that nonprofits such as those we’ve highlighted above are critical to our process. Just as we emphasize community-minded organizations in our work, the 4E team prioritizes the same level of support for causes important to them in their personal lives, whether it's protecting the environment, supporting vulnerable members of the community, elevating art and history, or providing access to health care.


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