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Remote Ready Cities: How to make your city a remote worker magnet

This webinar is hosted in a lightning talk format with each presenter spending five minutes sharing their insights. With each topic, we will share our approach for analysis, how it compelled action, and lessons learned. We will strive to share approaches that participants can use in their own communities. Following the presentations, we will open the webinar to questions and discussion.

Specifically, we cover:  

  • Child Care and Women in the Workforce Child care is a critical part of our economy’s infrastructure. Without action and investment, COVID-19 may have lasting impacts on our child care systems and parents’—especially mothers’—workforce participation.  

  • Remote Work and Broadband Infrastructure Some industries were made for remote work, and some communities are better at hosting remote workers. We will share how we are determining both.  

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Worker Vulnerability and the Disparate Impacts of the Recession The economic system in the US was marked by severe inequality preceding the COVID-19 crisis. These pre-existing economic conditions contribute to the disparate impacts that are now being felt disproportionately by people of color, women, and low-income workers.  

  • Industry Impacts Beyond the Pandemic Will downtowns be emptied? Will tourism ever be the same? What are the long-term supply chain impacts? How are colleges impacted? We will share a cross-sector scan of what is being forecasted for the coming year and beyond.

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