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Equitable Approaches to Housing


Nathan Wildfire, Co-founder, Missing Middle Housing Fund


  • Fatimah Aure, MPP, Director, The Kelsey

  • Rebecca Giroux, Community and Economic Development Officer for Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA)

  • Katie McAuley, Housing Development Manager, The Kelsey

Nathan Wildfire moderated a discussion with fellow housing leaders Fatimah Aure, MPP, Rebecca Giroux, and Katie McAuley. The group shared what's missing in their communities, why these barriers exist, who is being impacted, and what mechanisms can be used to help tackle these issues.

Topics covered:

  • Housing design and accessibility

  • Affordable workforce housing

  • Supports for low-income homeowners

  • Housing needs of rural communities

  • Innovative housing practices

  • Opportunities for funding and partnerships

  • Housing policy

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