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Maura Kay

Maura Kay


Naturally curious, Maura is a critical thinker, excelling at balancing quantitative and qualitative skills to provide contextualized data findings that recognize lived experiences. Maura’s passion for economic development originates from her Mon Valley, Pennsylvania roots. Maura is particularly interested in serving as a steward for postindustrial places finding their place and power in twenty-first-century economics. By centering project purpose and community engagement, Maura communicates and maps data so it can be used, rather than sit on a shelf.Maura’s previous experience is centered around Main Street management, community wealth building, and affordable housing.

  • Community Engagement

  • Cultural Planning

  • Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy Implementation

  • Economic Development

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

  • GIS Mapping

  • Main Street Strategy

  • Resiliency Planning

  • Workforce Analysis in Emerging Industries

Areas of Expertise

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