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Futuristic City

Fourth Economy is an economic development consultancy that uses analysis and engagement to help communities become more equitable, strategic, and resilient. 


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Our Capabilities

Fourth Economy takes a unique approach to working with our clients as partners. We effectively blend both quantitative and qualitative inputs at every point in the process. Most importantly, our focus is on developing realistic recommendations that can be easily understood and readily implemented.

Economic Strategy

  • Innovation Ecosystem Assessment and Analysis

  • Entrepreneurial Program Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

Equitable Development

  • Inclusive recovery efforts

  • Focus on underrepresented communities

  • Economic disparity mitigation

  • Barrier elimination

Resilient Economies

  • Human-centered climate impact mitigation

  • Environmental-related economy impacts

  • Industry impact analysis and program development

  • Shock and stress scenario exploration

Example Projects

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