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Insights 2023

As we bid adieu to 2023, we're excited to present our "Year in Review" – a reflection on the dedication, creativity, and collaboration that fueled our success. Join us in celebrating highlights and acknowledging the milestones achieved with our valued clients. Get acquainted with our new team members and delve into the wealth of knowledge shared in our best blog posts of the year. 2023 was a tapestry of unique and engaging projects that sustained our curiosity, creativity, and passion for creating more strategic, equitable, and resilient futures for our clients.

In 2023, we supported 


projects in 18 states

Including 5 collaborations with our colleagues at Steer

From Portland, OR to Jacksonville, FL - our team worked to advance equity, leveraged data for deeper insights, assessed impact, and helped communities and organizations think strategically about their futures. Use the map below to explore the work we've advanced in 2023!

We fostered action and growth for diverse clients

From helping communities advance equitable economic development strategies to serving as thought partners for organizations redefining their impact, our work accelerated impact in many ways.

Advancing Equity

7 Projects

Accelerating Innovation

Economic Development Strategy

3 Projects

8 Projects

Outdoor and Cultural Economies

Assessing Impact

Data Insights

4 Projects

3 Projects

Strategic Planning

7 Projects

Housing Analysis

3 Projects

Initiative and Investment Strategy

9 Projects

Workforce of the Future

2 Projects

4 Projects

Project Highlights

Online Meeting

We forged deeper connections through webinars

This year, over 500 of you participated in four webinars we hosted. Topics included community engagement, the outdoor recreation economy, equitable housing practices, and the evolving workforce. We also collaborated with the Research Triangle Institute on their Five Actions to Secure Inclusive Community Engagement webinar.

Use the links below to review the recordings of past events and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events including our next webinar on February 20th!

All Hands In_edited.jpg

We updated and expanded our Equitable Community Planning Toolkit

In 2023 we reaffirmed our commitment to advancing equity in communities and in all of the work that we do at Fourth Economy. 


The Fourth Economy Equitable Community Planning Toolkit is the result of ongoing research, and contains resources developed to help leaders progress through their equitable planning goals and actions. It includes information on how communities across the United States are rising to meet the equity imperative, as well as tools to apply promising practices and systems change processes in your community.

Equity Toolkit Cover 2023-02.png

And welcomed new team members

Fourth Economy is made up of curious, collaborative, creative, fun and empathetic people that help our clients advance economic strategy, resilience, and equity for their organizations and in their communities. This year, we grew from 16 to 20. Get to know our newest consultants!

Jenn Sloan_bg_web.jpg

Jennifer Sloan | Senior Consultant

Jenn brings 10 years of experience at the intersection of health equity, community-engagement, participatory evaluation, and organizational strategy.
 Read More

Oshane Mcrae | Consultant

Oshane is a cross-disciplinary strategist passionate about leveraging his entrepreneurship, analytical, and listening skills to ultimately help people & communities achieve their full potential.  Read More

Oshane Mcrae_edited_edited.jpg

Megan Nestor | Advisor, Working Family Supports

Megan is an optimistic do-er whose career to date has demonstrated her deep commitment to supporting organizations that strengthen communities and improve outcomes for children and families. Read More


Alejandro Martinez, AICP | Senior Consultant

Alejandro is a certified urban planner with a strong focus on economic development and housing. His expertise ranges from supporting small, local businesses, to revitalizing vibrant corridors, downtowns and fostering equitable growth in cities and regions. Read More

We’d love to work with you this year as a partner in advancing more strategic, equitable, and resilient communities and organizations. Get in touch!

Here is some of the work we love to do. If you’re curious about how we can assist your organization or community in shaping its future - reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

We_re Open Signage
Creating Strong Regional Economies
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Growing the Workforce of the Future
Leveraging the Economic Potential of Arts, Cultural, and Outdoor Recreation Assets 
Small Business Owner
Building Equitable Communities and Economies
Marketing team meeting
Serving as Thought Partners for Organizations Redefining Impact
Wooden House
Helping Communities Identify Gaps and Address Needs
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