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Strong Economies

Our Capabilities

Fourth Economy provides a range of services across three focus areas:

Economic Strategy

Implementable plans that help communities create a vision and portfolio of strategies designed for impact.

  • Economic vision and action plans

  • Downtown, Main Street and neighborhoods

  • Innovation & entrepreneurship

  • Outdoor and cultural economy 

  • Feasibility and Impact Analysis

Economic Resilience

Forward-looking strategies that prepare to be more economically and environmentally resilient for the next challenge.

  • ​Climate change and economic impacts

  • Workforce and affordable housing 

  • Economic mobility 

  • Industry and market trend forecasting

  • Jobs of the future and workforce

Economic Equity

Bold plans that specifically address economic disparities especially focused on historically underrepresented and disadvantaged communities.

  • ​Human-centered climate impact adaptation 

  • Environment-related economy impact analysis

  • Economic disparity analysis

  • Quality of place 

  • Strategy, program design, and evaluation

Highlighted Service Areas

Outdoor Economy Assessment

Learn how your community can create new economic opportunities by identifying, enhancing, and promoting outdoor economy assets

Image by Alina Grubnyak

Asset Mapping

We use asset mapping in our work to help communities capture and showcase the key resources, organizations, services, and benefits that exist locally within their community. 

Image by Per Lööv

Strategic Planning

Is my organization still serving the mission we set out on? Is our strategic plan still the guiding force for our organizational impact and resilience? Fourth Economy helps organizations that are asking themselves these critical questions. 

Image by Michael Fousert

Road to EV Readiness Assessment

Learn how your community can create new economic opportunities by identifying, enhancing, and promoting outdoor economy assets

Street Art

Project Examples

Transportation and Food Access Study
Economic Development Strategy

Transportation and Food Access Study

Westchester County

Strategic Plan
Economic Strategy

Strategic Plan

Traverse Connect

Unified Plan
Comprehensive Plan

Unified Plan

Gwinnett County, Georgia

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
Economic Development Strategy

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Three Rivers Heritage Trail Economic Impact Study
Economic Impact Study

Trail Economic Impact Study

Friends of the Riverfront

Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Operation Better Block

Many of our most interesting projects stem from conversations with communities about where they are and where they want to be. Our specialty is in developing strategies that help communities achieve their goals. If you’d like to delve deeper, reach out! We'd love to connect with you.

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