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Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion Plan

Ramsey County, MN

Ramsey County Community & Economic Development’s (CED) focus is to improve the quality of life in their community by maintaining the existing housing stock, expanding homeownership and affordable housing opportunities, installing safe infrastructure and facilities, remediating brownfields sites, redeveloping under-utilized properties, strengthening businesses, navigating economic development resources, and encouraging job growth.



CED’s vision for Ramsey County is one of economic competitiveness and inclusion, where its business and talent strengths create new industry growth and all residents have access to existing and future economic opportunities. With transformative redevelopment projects underway, CED is embarking on its first, comprehensive Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion Vision Plan that will serve as a blueprint to advance the county’s economy above its peers. Eliminating racial disparities in employment, educational attainment and income; creating wealth for residents; addressing gaps in housing and affordability issues; and expanding the talent pool while leveraging existing partnerships, resources, and business expansion programs will help CED achieve its vision and strengthen economic outcomes for all. 



With the help of a suite of local and national consultants, the plan will consist of an in-depth analysis of Ramsey County’s economy (a market and industry cluster analysis and a county-wide housing assessment) and the development of an implementable plan that outlines economic and community objectives to pursue over the next decade – all of which will be informed by extensive community engagement and stakeholder buy-in. The consultant team has developed an engaged Steering Committee and formed several working groups in key areas of focus to guide the plan and ensure its success.


The plan was adopted on March 23rd, 2021 and the Ramsey County team immediately began to implement the core recommendations. The first effort is the development of an HRA levy which will raise funds to support the affordable housing-related recommendations.


Economic Development Plan