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Economic Impact Analysis

South Fayette Township

South Fayette Township, a small growing suburban municipality south of Pittsburgh.

Our first engagement involved two competing impact analyses for a new housing development – one from the developer (touting the tax benefits of the development) and one from the school district (raising concerns regarding school capacity). The township asked our team to evaluate the merits of both analyses and conduct our own independent analysis to provide them with critical information they needed to monitor the impacts of the development and specify what level or types of development would generate positive or negative impacts on the township and the school district.

Our Approach

Using our analysis, the Township decided to move forward with zoning updates in favor of the development. We have since supported South Fayette Township with an impact analysis of a proposed hospital development and with a market analysis measuring the potential of a vacant property located on a high-profile site in the community. Initial bids for the property had come in below what the Township expected. After our market analysis, the Township closed on a bid of $3.5 million that was $1 million more than the initial bids.


South Fayette, PA

Project Type

Economic Impact Analysis

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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