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Economic Vitality Plan

Bloomington Economic Development Corporation
Economic Strategy

Fourth Economy is leading the comprehensive economic development strategy update for Monroe County in Indiana. Fourth Economy is working closely with partner organizations to reestablish baseline data analysis and visualization from previous reports. The communication, outreach, and engagement strategy will be holistic in focusing on best supporting the County and balancing the diverse communities within Ellettsville, Bloomington, and unincorporated areas. Fourth Economy is tailoring its engagement and outreach approach to address proposed annexation in Bloomington and volunteer annexation in Ellettsville and support smaller towns and communities within the County. Fourth Economy will lead the development, including the writing and design of the final strategic plan. Finally, an implementation working group strategy will be created by Fourth Economy to maximize impact and propel actionable strategies to start before the launch of the plan.


Bloomintgon, IN

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Economic Development Strategy

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Final Deliverable Design Samples (Click to Enlarge)
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