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Put me in coach! Fourth Economy Fields a Minor League Baseball Team

Fourth Economy has been doing a lot of work recently in communities with minor league baseball teams. Here is a sample:

Macon, Georgia

Team: Macon Bacon

We are working with OneMacon! in the development of a new actionable strategic plan.

Traverse City, Michigan

Team: Traverse Pit Spitters

We are working on a reorganization and partnership plan for local economic development organizations. The ultimate goal is to bring private sector, nonprofit and local municipalities, together around a strategic approach to economic development in order to grow a competitive, prosperous and sustainable regional economy.

Newport, Rhode Island

Team: Newport Gulls

We are working with the Newport County Chamber of Commerce on an initiative launched by the Chamber in 2018: Connect Greater Newport. Connect Greater Newport’s mission is to support the growth of Greater Newport’s existing businesses and serve as a resource to attract new companies to the region.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Team: Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

We are working with the City of Allentown to develop a Comprehensive and Economic Development Plan.

Being around all these minor league baseball teams has got us thinking… maybe we could start a team of our own! Today, on April Fool’s Day, we are celebrating the start of the baseball season by announcing our plans to start a minor league baseball team: the Fourth Economy Fish Fryers.

We’re trading in our post-it notes and powerpoints for baseball bats and gloves. Instead of spending time in boardrooms, we’ll be spending time in bullpens. Fresh off of spring training, we know this year is our year (or at least better than the Pirates). Here’s our lineup.

Coaching Staff

Rich Overmoyer- General ManagerPia Bernardini- Director of Baseball OperationsJerry Paytas- 1st Base CoachChelsea Burket- Hitting Coach

Position Players

Emily Brown - Pitcher

Monica Hershberger - Catcher

Chris Worley- 1st Base

Emilie Yonan- 2nd Base

Nicole Muise-Kielkucki - 3rd Base

Josh Devine - Shortstop

Kristina Harrold - Right Field

Mickey McGlasson - Left Field

Kara McFadden - Center Field

Jordan Daniels- Designated Hitter

Happy April Fools Day!
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