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Your Partners in Navigating the EDA’s Economic Recovery Funding

The Economic Development Administration is allocating $3B in supplemental funding under the American Rescue Plan to six initiatives. 


Together, Fourth Economy and Steer can support your work as you pursue this opportunity to access supplementary funding to assist in your efforts to accelerate your community’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for future economic shocks. 

How We Can Help


Our range of experience can support the planning, analysis, regional consensus-building, and writing needed to develop winning proposals and actionable efforts.


Round 1 Application Deadline: October 18th, 2021

We are pioneers in supporting regions as they define a shared vision for equitable economic renewal and the quality of place assets required to retain and attract talent. We build consensus and serve as independent advisors as regions assess the investments that will make an impact. Our work to develop regional actions plans is award-winning and recognized widely.


At Fourth Economy, we developed a new model for regional collaboration when we helped develop a regional cities program in Indiana five years ago. The state has recently committed $500M to support regional development plans and we are assisting a few in identifying their projects of regional impact. 

For InnovateUK, Steer developed a vision for a pan-regional approach on how innovation assets could achieve greater economic impact if they were better coordinated at the regional level which supported enhanced interagency collaboration.


Application Deadline: January 26, 2022


We have extensive experience working with communities to identify issues with the proliferation of low-wage jobs and lack of economic mobility. We help break down the systems silos that can support workers and employers to find shared success. From ecosystem mapping to program analysis and development, we can support your community. We’ve created evidence-based economic impact analyses and forecasts for transportation infrastructure investments. We understand that good jobs come not just from the building of assets but also from the access that transportation provides to companies and employees seeking greater choice and opportunity.


Fourth Economy supported the development of the Ramsey County (MN) Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion plan which is a pioneering effort to create a more equitable economy. Our analysis and action development approach creates community buy-in to plan concrete steps for better job creation.

For the UK’s Skills Industry Partnership, we co-developed the Partnership’s national Life Science Skills Strategy 2030, which will underpin the skills needs of the industry through to 2030.

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Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis Prior to March 15, 2022

We can support communities as they identify and prioritize the needs to help people get back to work and create more resiliency in the economic development system. 


At Fourth Economy, our work throughout the country often defines the catalytic projects that will strengthen the economic base of a community. From feasibility analysis and market research to impact modeling, we have developed the resources needed for communities to compete.

For a consortium of councils in Northern Ireland, Steer developed the funding applications for a multi-stage competition for the Heathrow Airport off-site logistics hub program, which could deliver significant economic regeneration for the region if selected.


Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis Prior to March 15, 2022

As states and regions receive their invitation to participate in this effort, they will need to develop actionable strategies to fix short-term issues and design long-term resiliency strategies. Understanding what may have changed completely and the new opportunities now present is something that we can help with.


Fourth Economy is an ongoing strategic partner with the Greater Newport, RI, region and, as a result, we have seen the impacts that the pandemic has had on the tourism sector. We are working to define the opportunity to create a more resilient tourism sector and can provide insights.


Applications are due Due October 31, 2021

A strong vision combined with a recognition of the regional assets that exist in a state and a clear roadmap for action can create the confidence needed now in our state economies. This EDA program can allow State leaders to deliver just that – and do so with a clear strategy for more equitable development. We can help with all aspects of the planning process, including economic analysis, asset identification, goal development, actionable recommendations, and branding and communications of the effort.


Fourth Economy has worked for several state agencies and statewide associations to define new economic opportunities and tackling issues that impact the most vulnerable in our communities.

About Fourth Economy

Fourth Economy is a national community and economic development consulting firm. Powered by a vision for an economy that serves the people, our approach is centered on principles of competitiveness, equity, and resilience. We partner with communities and organizations, public and private, who are ready for change to equip them with tools and innovative solutions to build better communities and stronger economies. 


About Steer

Steer is a global consultancy working across cities, infrastructure, and transport with 21 offices across North America, Latin America, UK, Europe, and India. Since 1978, the firm has provided pioneering planning, design and advisory services to government and business – with a particular focus on projects that develop cities, infrastructure and transport. Steer works to help people, places, and economies thrive. As an employee-owned company, we are able to provide impartial, objective and result-driven advice to maximize our clients’ opportunities and create value in an ever-changing landscape.

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