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You’re invited to participate in the Build Session process!

The Receiver’s team is working with Fourth Economy Consulting to facilitate Virtual Build Sessions. Through these interactive working sessions, community representatives will help shape the recommendations that will inform Chester City’s plan. As a member of the Chester resident and business community, we believe the knowledge, experiences, and passion you have will help inform and steer our discussion.


As you may know, Chester City is developing a Strategic Economic Competitiveness Plan that will serve as an actionable vision for the future, building upon the economic development activity already underway in the community. A key part of the planning process is designing solutions and strategies that will ensure a strong economic future.


You are welcome to register for as many Build Sessions as you would like to attend. Please feel free to share these invitations with community members and business owners who care about a particular session topic and are invested in Chester’s future. 

Four separate virtual Build Sessions are being hosted around several of the plan’s areas of focus:

Use the links below to register for sessions.

Business Growth, Attraction, & Retention

Strategic Development
(including: Riverfront, Downtown)


Recovery Plan


The City of Chester has been subject to Commonwealth financial oversight under the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act (Act 47 of 1987) since 1995. While other communities have successfully exited oversight or made progress toward doing so, Chester continues to struggle with multi‐million dollar deficits, past-due obligations to its employee pension plans, and very marginal investments in the infrastructure that Chester residents and businesses use every day. If you would like to leave the Receiver a comment or question, please click here.

Social Media

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