Creating Strong Economies

Strong economies are the product of places where people want to live, innovative companies, effective support organizations, and a healthy talent pipeline.

We help communities understand and build on their strengths, identify and seize new opportunities, overcome weaknesses, and mitigate threats. We use data creatively, we engage in the conversations that matter with an inclusive set of voices, and we bring our deep and diverse perspectives to bear to create actionable analysis and strategies.

Services we offer to help you create strong economies:
  • Community Vision Development

  • Economic Competitiveness Strategy

  • Economic Recovery and Resiliency Planning

  • Industry and Workforce Strategy

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Strategy

  • Collective Impact Development

  • Economic Impact Analysis


Creating Great Communities

Great communities drive economic success.

Critical assets for economic development include housing stock that is diverse and affordable, mobility options that get people to where they need to be, and a robust array of cultural and recreational opportunities. From analysis, to strategy, to supporting implementation, we can help you retain and attract talent by creating a great community.   

Services we offer to help you create great communities:
  • Market Analysis and Strategy Development

  • Housing Portfolio Planning

  • Business District Revitalization

  • Comprehensive & Neighborhood Plans

  • Development Feasibility Analysis

  • Initiative and Program Development


Creating Impactful Organizations

Strong organizations must regularly reevaluate themselves and their services to keep a competitive edge.

First, that means having access to and being able to interpret the best market data, public policies, and resources. Beyond that, you must be able to create the strategy, tactics, communications, and approach to maximize your impact and carry your plan forward. We can partner with you to evaluate, understand, and adapt to the needs of those you’re serving.

Services we offer to help you create impactful organizations:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Program Creation and Evaluation

  • Impact Assessment 

  • Feasibility Studies 

Many of our most interesting projects stem from conversations with communities about where they are and where they want to be. Our specialty is in developing strategies that help communities achieve their goals. If you’d like to delve deeper, reach out! We'd love to connect with you.

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